What Matters


Briefcase of colored papers for strategy

You are now a publisher. How well do your website and other communication channels support your business goals? A well thought out strategy will get you on course. Take control of your destiny to achieve your desired outcomes.


Studies prove again and again that information presented visually is better understood and retained. A well designed site or application communicates quickly and effectively. There is a magical blend that works perfectly for every site.

Web Development

Widescreen, laptop, tablet and smartphone screens

So much more than just writing code, website development is about achieving your mission online. How successful you are in realizing your strategy comes down to the skill, knowledge, and understanding of the development team.


Gear and wrench signifies support

A good team behind your site ensures your site is running efficiently and securely, and that your staff have someplace to turn for support. SoH offers a variety of flexible solutions for site maintenance, secure hosting, and support.

laptop on life preserver - drupal rescue

Drupal Rescue

If you have an existing Drupal website but are in need of a new development or support team, look no further. SoH Studios is the go-to company for many clients moving on from their original development team. Learn how our Drupal Rescue service provides advanced knowledge for assuring the stability and security of your existing Drupal website.