Creative Services

Coupled with insightful consulting and development services, our creative offerings complete the portfolio of services to develop the communication vehicles needed to get and stay relevant in a competitive world. Close attention to your organizational needs and those of your audience ensures that together we design an effective solution with tangible results.

Our creative services include:

  • Brand development
  • Corporate identity
  • Logo design
  • Graphic design
  • Web design
  • Digital Media
  • Marketing collateral
  • Annual reports
  • Conference and training materials
  • Signage and posters
  • Presentations

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Graphic Design

From logos to print collateral to website design, you need a relationship with a graphic designer. When a designer understands your audience, your goals and your competition, they consistently create graphic design that gives you results. Design is not just what looks pretty to you, it’s what works effectively with your audience. Professional design ensures that your visuals are fresh and relevant, and are not obvious violations of copyright.

Because we offer print, web, and e-pub design and production services, we can produce a campaign that spans all three media, delivering one consistent brand, message, and result. Or have us work collaboratively with your team to augment your message.

The key to good design is experience. It starts with understanding the tone of the message and the audience who will be reading it. The appropriate selection of colors, fonts, and imagery, along with careful attention to brand alignment, results in publications and websites that tell a story, connect with the audience, and provide desired information. 

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Commercial Photography. An investment in commercial photography will take your message to the next level. Whether you need photography of your company's products, a national landmark, or some dazzling architecture, Sleight-of-Hand Studios is at your service. The proper lighting, composition, and attention to detail will give your images a professional touch. Our photographs can be used in documents, on websites, or framed on a wall. We deliver most photography projects on CD with documented usage rights. We can also produce prints to your specifications.

Commercial photography assignments are custom priced. Contact us with your ideas and watch the magic happen.

Business Portraits. Our business portrait offering is designed to deliver what you need in today's business world. It starts with a consultation to ensure that we capture your style. And it culminates in images that you can use for all your marketing needs and in all media. We can also create a custom background branded exclusively for your company.

With over 30 years of experience behind the camera, we know how to compose, light, finish and deliver. Sleight-of-Hand Studios has significant experience in the corporate arena. We understand that your business portrait is an extension of your image and brand.

Your cost is only $350 for consultation, in-studio session, selection of one image for full retouching, and delivery in a variety of resolutions suitable for print, web, and social media use. Each additional image is only $95.

We can also create a custom background branded exclusively for your company.

Ask us about location pricing; perfect for teams and executive portraits.

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Print and Digital Books

As distributions channels are redefined, more and more authors are self-publishing and seeking cost-effective ways to distribute their books. With a growing choice of providers like Amazon and CreateSpace, authors can sell both print and digital copies of their work.

We can help you navigate this space with our layout and design services for both print and digital books, as well as support in publishing and distribution.

ePub design, in its many formats, requires an understanding of these formats and how they behave on various devices like PCs, tablets, ereaders and smart phones. Designing for today's electronic publications requires a full grounding in html, javascript, css, and other web technologies to ensure that your book can provide a good experience across all reading devices.